What Our clients Say about Us

Paul Campbell Erwin, MD, MPH, East Tennessee Regional Director
Tennessee Department of Health

“I have rarely, if ever, received a report as practically useful and insightful as the one you and your staff prepared. Your recommendations were not only very sound based on the data you gathered, but these are recommendations that are feasible and practical within a public health practice setting. I have no doubt that if implemented these recommendations will indeed result in significant improvements at the Anderson County Health Department.”

Felicia Stewart, MD, Adjunct Professor,
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences Co-Director,
UCSF Center for Reproductive Health Research & Policy

“…I am more than pleased with the HealthMETRICS report — and the project overall. It has turned out to be an enormous success, with truly outstanding clarity and research quality… The HealthMETRICS team are by far the best consultants I have ever had the opportunity to work with, and this project one of the best use of funds ever. The project has had tremendous value for each individual site, and has significant national implications for service delivery in areas of cost and quality. This same strategy can appropriately be applied to many other aspects of healthcare. I can’t recommend the HealthMETRICS’ staff and Best Practice strategy enough.”

Cristino Rodriguez,
Regional Program Consultant for Family Planning OSOPHS/DHHS Region IV

“…wherever I go, grantees are raving about your work, recommendations… Just yesterday Janet Sheridan [Manager, Title X Family Planning Program] from South Carolina was telling me about the impact of some of your recommendations. All positive!”

Bob Fritz, Site Manager, Christian County Health Department

“…six months after receiving our report, implementation of HealthMETRICS recommendations had reduced the waiting time for a new appointment from 7-9 weeks down to 4 days and that the no show rate had dropped dramatically.”

Kerry Mitza, QA Coordinator, Upham’s Corner Health Center, Dorchester, MA
2002 Participation in the Prenatal Care Best Practice Project

“The professional and inquisitive manner in which HealthMETRICS’ staff approached the project from the very start made staff at UCHC comfortable and optimistic about the applicability of the anticipated outcomes… HealthMETRICS’ staff was consistently clear and communicative about project requirements, process and objectives; …

“During this year, we have completely or partially implemented 6 of the 7 recommendations outlined in the report, which has allowed us to reduce the costs of each visit by a significant percentage… [and] visit flow has improved tremendously…The final recommendations of the project both made sense and were actionable…I hope that we will have an opportunity to work together again.”

Laurent Cogerino, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals,
Office of Public Health, WIC Program

“The feedback from the Assistant Secretary, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Medical Director, and from the field was extremely enthusiastic and positive…I would like to take this opportunity to…thank you for a job well done during all those months, with these two very informative and well put together presentations… No matter what we decide our next steps will be with this project, it was with great pleasure to have worked together on this exciting project, which identified critical opportunities for the WIC program. I am extremely pleased that the Louisiana WIC program selected you for this contract.”

Patricia Tilley, Ms Ed, Home Visiting Coordinator,
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services

“We all learned so much from the information and recommendations provided by this project. Not only did we receive accurate and detailed information about current operations in home visiting sites, but the overall process of the best practices project allowed us to identify opportunities for program improvement. All the information provided by the project was of immense value, especially information about cost drivers in among home visiting programs…”

Sarah Cooper, Family Planning Program,
SC Department of Health and Environmental Control

“… The success of this project as it relates to best practices has been extremely positive. From the initial visit to the very first site, staff was impressed with the consultant staff. It was clear to them that although the process was time consuming, that the potential outcomes were positive enough to make the project meaningful, especially in the present fiscal climate where efficiency and patient satisfaction are imperative if we are to achieve our goals to reduce unintended pregnancy. Also, part of our agency’s mission and values include the importance of decision making based on scientific evidence. The Best Practice project afforded us the opportunity to evaluate our processes in a systematic way and to implement recommendations that were proven to optimize efficiency as well as quality…”