To survive and thrive in the current health care environment, accurate cost data is critical. Responding to feedback from providers, HealthMetrics designed FinHealth as an affordable, user friendly tool for costing services. FinHealth gives managers the ability to:

    • calculate the unit costs on a visit specific basis
    • quantify productivity
    • quantify profitability
    • develop budgets based on volume of services to be provided and unit cost of specific visits
    • conduct financial variance analysis
    • conduct feasibility models for new services

FinHealth is flexible allowing managers to choose the RVU scale most appropriate for their services, e.g. RBRVUs or or St. Anthony’s or a site’s actual time and resource utilization data.

FinHealth is a software tool that has everything you need to calculate unit costs of each service quickly.  The software  identifies cost drivers and can quickly determine if resources are efficiently allocated.