Adult Health

HealthMetrics has broad experience evaluating Adult Health Services in public and private health systems nationally.  Many projects have created large databases on quality outcomes and process variation in this field.

These databases provide clients with difficult to get comparative data with which to benchmark their services on multiple dimensions- cost, clinical quality, staff and patient satisfaction.  With Adult Health clinics under pressure from ACA and ACO’s to document outcomes and run efficient operations, this data is critical to managers.

Our projects analyze either an individual service area or integrated clinics.  Participation in a project is well received by staff as the projects are completed in 3-4 months with minimal site staff effort.

Our experience is that, when similar projects are attempted in-house, invariably they take very long to complete and are a drain on staff time.  With HealthMetrics managing a project, using our proven data collection tools and keeping on top of the data analysis in real time , it is completed quickly allowing benefit to be gained right away.

The unbiased objectivity of the data we collect helps staff move from assumptions and good ideas as a basis for making management decisions to an evidenced based decision making.  Evidence based decision making reduces staff resistance to change.

Resistance is reduced because options are clearly presented as a choice between the current process and its measured outcomes or the recommended process with the attending measured quality outcomes and documented cost consequences. This sets up a intelligible structure for moving forward to better more efficient health care.

Spotlight:    Optimal Performance Project in Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a national epidemic, adding significant cost to health care throughout a patient’s life cycle and decreasing the quality of a patient’s life. The basic elements of the care of this chronic disease require a team of well trained staff to support the patient and his/her compliance with the treatment plan.  The provider is only one important member of the team. Support staff can be trained to provide much of the care.

Our experience is that a majority of clinics we have worked with overuse providers by having them do work others could do for them and underutilize support staff.  Our projects give mangers direction to right this imbalance while cutting costs and significantly increasing staff satisfaction as well as the quality of care. Through our recommended process improvements, providers’ time is freed giving patients better access to providers and cutting down clinic wait time to see them.


  • Reduce costs/increase productivity over 20%
  • Increase revenues
  • Enhance patient and staff satisfaction
  • Maintain or improve clinical outcomes

Optimal Performance Projects are adjusted to the unique concerns of each client.  When a client wants a specific problem/s solved, we create a unique project to accomplish that.