Our Mission

HealthMetrics is dedicated to providing health care managers with information and knowledge needed to enhance the quality of clinical services while substantially reducing costs.

We strive to give clients real-world integrated solutions to improve clinical care based on systematic outcome measurements and benchmarking.

Core Services

We have successfully worked with over 400 clients in 38 states on a broad range of ambulatory care services.  Our expertise is in costing services, measuring and benchmarking quality outcomes and analyzing service delivery processes.  Our projects are customized to fit organizations’ specific needs.

Projects fall into two broad categories:


Behavioral Health Emergency Department Patient Flow Improvement Projects, MA                      2013-2014

Application of RVUs for Management/ Costing Purposes, OK         2013-2014

Primary Care/Diabetes Optimal Performance Projects, MA   2013-2014

Women’s Health Projects, NC                                                      2013-2014

WIC Optimal Performance Projects, FL                                     2013-2014