Clinical Service Analysis

HealthMetrics projects fall into two broad categories Clinical Service Analysis and Management Strategies and Support.  What clinical service projects have in common is linking outcomes to a documented delivery process to give managers data to deliver services efficiently and effectively.  Management Strategies and Support projects focus on solving particular management problems or needs.

Our specialty clinical service analysis projects (Optimal Performance Projects) have created robust databases on quality outcomes across outpatient services ranging from screening colonoscopy to reproductive health. These projects focus on documenting specific clinical service’s process and measuring quality outcomes for apples to apples comparisons between providers.

From the broad variation in delivery systems, we are able to determine the most efficient system to provide high quality care for a specific service.  Our unique strategy for analyzing process and outcomes, drives our client recommendations for changing health care processes to improve outcomes. Projects improve productivity or lower cost on average by 25%.

Once the recommendations are delivered, we stand by clients assisting them in implementation.

Some of the Clinical Service Analysis projects are listed below.  A complete list is available upon request.

Clinical Service Analysis Projects