Women’s Health

HealthMetrics has extensive expertise in Women’s Health. We have completed significant projects in Reproductive Health, Prenatal Care, Screening Colposcopy, National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP), Federal programs including Healthy Start and WIC, and in other services. Clients range from State Health Departments, large non-profit providers, medical device companies, major hospital systems around the country, University of California San Francisco, and local public health clinic systems and departments.

This experience has given us thorough knowledge of the particular health needs of women and integration, or lack of it, of various programs specifically designed to target women’s health.

HealthMetrics has presented findings and results from the Women’s Health projects at numerous national conferences including HHS, Women’s Health Center of Excellence national meeting, CDC conferences, Title X conferences and others.

Our projects have successfully contributed to improving the quality and efficiency of women’s health care and greatly expanded women’s access to care on a number of fronts.

Some of the Women’s Health Optimal Performance Projects are listed below.  A complete list is available on request.