Prenatal Care

Optimal Performance Projects in Prenatal Care analyze the process effectiveness and efficiency of each visit type over the course of a pregnancy.

HealthMetrics’ robust prenatal database of processes and outcomes from providers across the country offers clients a unique opportunity to benchmark their performance. If a provider knows how its services compare to others and what to do to improve them, if they are less than optimal, that provider can be assured it can provide high quality care and that it will command an excellent reputation in its health care community.

One particularly interesting finding from this project is the wide variation in staff mix used to provide prenatal care. This project answers the question “What difference does staff mix make to clinical quality, patient and staff satisfaction and unit costs?” If quality outcomes or efficiency can be improved by staff mix and processes changes, we make recommendations to clients to modify their processes.

Once recommendations are made, we then stand by clients to help and support implementation of change.


Optimal Performance Projects have wide impact on prenatal clinic operations. Process changes significantly increase clinician productivity. Job satisfaction and staff retention is improved by matching a staff skills with their daily work. Wait time and start to finish visit time is decreased.  Patient and staff satisfaction increase with improved service delivery.

Understanding costs and having documented performance and outcome measures in place, gives managers data to keep their organizations financially viable, remain competitive and an attractive partner to health care systems. With data and efficiency improvements from an Optimal Performance Project, managers can position their organizations to thrive with the advent of ACA, ACOs and reduced budgets.

Participating in Optimal Performance Project in Prenatal Care can:

  • Reduce costs/increase productivity over 20%
  • Increase revenues
  • Enhance patient and staff satisfaction
  • Maintain or improve clinical outcomes