Spotlight:   Optimal Performance Project in Immunizations

Immunizations provide a foundation for infant and child health. HealthMetrics Optimal Performance Immunization Project, funded by the CDC, documented wide variation in how immunizations are provided. The variation in process generated differences in staff satisfaction and cost.  In particular, the staff mix used for the appointment was wide ranging with significant cost implications.


By adopting the best practices for providing immunizations as identified by HealthMetrics and as appropriate for a particular site, organizations had the potential to reduce costs by over 30%.  With limited funding for public health programs, clinics are increasingly under pressure to insure that they are providing excellent service efficiently. This project gave managers the data and roadmap to do that.

Easy access to immunizations provided by the public health system is an important facet of child health. This project gives managers data to be certain their clinics are sustainable and effective.

The project also collected data on travel immunizations for all ages.