Since 1996, we have applied our unique strategies to bring significant value to health care providers at over 400 sites across 38 states in all areas of ambulatory care. In today’s rapidly changing health care environment, we are in the forefront helping clients prepare to meet the challenge by providing managers with critical data necessary to provide efficient and high quality health care.

Our core Optimal Performance Projects involve collecting outcome data on a clinic’s current level of productivity and service quality, and documenting its delivery processes. Based on an analysis of this data, HealthMetrics describes a clinic’s performance relative to its potential and our database. Practical recommendations are generated for process changes to close the gap between the clinic’s outcomes and its potential.

HealthMetrics supports implementation of recommendations by working with managers to develop a plan for implementation. With the plan in place, regular meetings are scheduled to solve any obstacles or problems that arise in making changes. This ensures that clients quickly achieve measured results.

Linking Outcomes to Process

HealthMetrics Optimal Performance Projects establish a critical connection between the key factors in excellent health care and the clinical processes that drive them. We document, in detail, the intricacies of an optimal practice and compare that process with a particular practice. The results are controlled for regional economic differences and demographics to facilitate the transfer of the best practice to multiple sites across the country.

Guaranteed Results

Clients typically increase productivity by over 20% with a corresponding increase in revenue and decrease in cost, while simultaneously maintaining or improving clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and staff morale. The HealthMetrics Guarantee ensures that savings exceed project costs.

We give providers an immediate, effective way to deliver high quality health care services at lower costs. By working with HealthMetrics, you can:

• Enhance your financial stability and revenue
• Gain data to make evidence-based budget and strategic planning decisions
• Become an attractive partner to other organizations by quantifying the value and effectiveness of your services and understanding your costs
• Stay competitive for patients in a challenging healthcare market through high patient satisfaction and sophisticated service delivery
• Improve access to care

Health care providers who understand how the process of delivering a service influences financial and quality outcomes position themselves well in this dynamic healthcare environment. HealthMetrics is dedicated to giving providers data and advice to be able to do this.